Monday, December 18, 2006

Trappy Clavel Blob

This is the first post to say hello and welcome to the trappy clavel blob (as my friend Ann called it). Essentially I've set it up as a way of keeping contact with people while I'm travelling about overseas. I fly out on January 17th and head to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China and then make my way over to England to see my relatives. From there, I'm heading through Europe, first stop Italy in mid-May.

In terms of this blob, its name was problematic for some people(!?) but it neither reflects my coming travels (which should be great - not crappy) nor other travel blogs (which have been helpful and inciteful in planning the trip - not crappy either). If anything, I'm being a bit facetious but I'm sure that the blob will probably suffer neglect once the initial novelty wears off and I'll just occasionally fill it with lots of picture because I can't be arsed writing anything inciteful or meaningful.

Anyhow, there you go. First entry done. Come back in January when I've actually done something worth writing about (finishing work, packing up my house, organising visas etc seems infinitely boring right now).