Friday, June 06, 2008

We got both kinds

Yeah, I figure Bob Dylan is definitely fork music. Anyhow, here's a quick update on what's happening:

It is no secret that I love Apple products. I have pretty much been using macs since I first went to Uni in 1992 and even when I was forced to use PCs in work situations, there always seemed to be a mac in my life. I have long argued that the ipod is a flawless piece of technology that has absolutely no downsides and has enriched my life and enjoyment of music ever since I bought one. Maybe I’ll think differently when I’m deaf in five years but for now, I love my ipod. My love just got that little bit deeper this week.

I have long been threatening to go back to the gym (I’m still yet to make that a reality but at least I’m thinking about it). To get me in the mood for joining the gym, I bought a new ipod shuffle that looks like this:

I bought it because I found my old shuffle actually impossible to attach to my body without falling off or the headphone jack coming out. There's nothing worse than losing your rhythm when that Britney Spears song you were enjoying suddenly goes dead, especially when you're lifting the heavy, heavy weights I like to lift (urm, hello sarcasm). The new one has a little clip on the back for ease of use when you’re, ahem, pumping iron. I have named my shuffle ‘the punish pod’ because I hope to be punishing my body soon with exercise (my big ipod is affectionately named 'the iplod'). However, the punish pod name was a little more apt than I thought.

During the week I had to catch a taxi in a torrential downpour while carrying a bunch of unwieldy promotional materials as well as an umbrella. I shoved all the promo stuff in the back of the taxi and then hopped in the front. As I sat down, the driver said “your door’s not shut properly.” So I slammed the door shut again. The driver started up the car but said it still wasn’t shut so then I went on to slam the door another four times until I noticed the punish pod had fallen out of my pocket and was wedged in the door. The taxi driver laughed and said “your remote control dropped out.” I panicked thinking 'great, I have just destroyed this new ipod I’ve only had for about two weeks.' But it turns out the punish pod can take a beating...

While its a little bent, the punish pod works perfectly. I think any piece of technology I can slam in a door four or five times and still work is worth the price. I love my punish pod but even though its hardy and very pretty, I’m still yet to join the gym so it is not totally perfect. My perfect piece of technology would provide music while reducing resistance to physical activity.


I was doing all this fabulously creative stuff but then I got the flu and lost all my momentum. I hope to get on with it soon with some new ten questions and more writing. For now, check out blanket magazine. I love this magazine because it's pretty (even prettier than the punish pod) and they also publish my stories. For this issue (number 10), I did a profile of a local gallery devoted to recycled art and craft but its worth downloading for the artwork alone, not just my crap. The work by Magdalena Bors is amazing.


I have lived in Sydney on and off for the last ten years almost exclusively in the Enmore/Newtown area. I live behind the Enmore theatre, am a stone’s throw from the local brothel, methadone clinic and about a thousand Thai restaurants. But this weekend I’m moving to Marrickville to live by myself and enjoy the bachelor lifestyle (when my girlfriend’s not around). And while it’s not too far from the old hood, I’m looking forward to exploring some new territories. I’m so ridiculously attached to my local area that I hardly ever leave it so time for a change I reckon... Goodbye Newtown, how I loved thee, but you're full of rich wankers now...