Friday, August 24, 2007

Sink to the bottom

You know, I love wanton destruction and walking around London allowed me to relive some of my favourite scenes of destruction from popular culture.

For example, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament...

...which were destroyed so brilliantly in V for Vendetta.

And the BT Tower...

...which was pulled down by the awesome destructive power of Kitten Kong in the Goodies.

Anyhow, I spent a lot of time in London checking out the National Gallery and the National Potrait Gallery. It was at the National Gallery that I saw one of my all time favourite paintings, Jan van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait. I was just stunned as I turned the corner and with no warning, there it was. I could have cried as I've always wanted to see it and in real life, it is far more beautiful than any reproduction I've seen. At this point, I felt that I had definitely had reached the cultural highpoint of my trip and was just ecstatic at having the experience of seeing this masterpiece in the flesh. Satisfied, I went to see Transformers, another cultural highpoint (which was as great as you'd expect for a movie about robots from outer space that fight each other and then turn into household objects).


Update: so under the cover of darkness I have returned to Australia and am currently getting over my jetlag. My world trip was cut short because I decided to have a good time in Europe rather than a frugal one so I ended up burning through my travel budget quicker than I had hoped. But that's really not a problem because I have experienced so much this year that I can hardly complain. Everything from walking Tiger Leaping Gorge to meeting my wonderful family back in the UK, the trip has been life defining, amazing and almost as a good as a film about battling robots from outerspace. Even better, I'd venture. I'm not sure what the future holds at the moment but it probably involves some form of work (boo) and finding somewhere to live. I'm not sure about the future of the blog as it seems redundant to have a travel blog when you're not travelling but we'll see. I have enjoyed writing it so maybe I'll rename it the Crappy Life Blog and see if I can think of anything to write about. I will definitely be putting a few more photos up once I've sorted through them all.

Anyhow, thanks to all the people who took care of me on this trip and thanks for looking at the blog. Its been swell.


Jim and Alan said...

The blog was great fun to read and maybe will be if you decide to carry it on. It was great for me and Jim to meet you after all those years and thanks for the kindness and patience you showed to Jim. Oh and also for the walking boots you gave me, very comfortable and first time out in them I got my best ever Kingfisher pic yet. We both wish you the very best for the future.

nicole said...

jon's blog is dead. long live jon's blog.