Saturday, October 01, 2011

Cheques in the mail

So we took a train to the Czech Republic and arrived in Cesky Krumlov, another remarkable old town which is famous for persecuting Egon Schiele.

It was a beautiful place that had some kind of Children of the Corn-esque harvest festival going on. We found a great vegetarian restaurant we ate at a few times and generally just hung out soaking up the Czech vibe.
The other great thing in Cesky Krumlov was our accommodation which was called the Dilettante's Hangout. It was run by this guy who looked like Johnny Depp who had crammed the room with his paintings of nudes. The room was painted wine red and reeked of incense - if you ever hung out with hippies in the early 90's, you'll know exactly the kind of place I'm talking about. It was vaguely awesome and yet, oh so disturbing.

After we left Cesky Krumlov, we made our way to Prague. At one point we were contemplating living in Prague for a month as part of the holiday so I was looking forward to exploring the city. However, a few hours after we arrived someone stole my bag from the restaurant we were eating at and the whole Prague experience turned a bit sour. The bag contained my camera, ipod, phone etc and after spending time with some unsympathetic cops filling out a police report, my desire to be in Prague greatly diminished. Sure, it's a nice city with some great architecture (if you don't include that Frank Gehry building) but its kind of been spoilt for me. As I don't have a camera to take any photos, here's a picture of a sad kitten.

Is that sad kitten a representation of me? I don't know but we leave for Greece tomorrow and I hope for better things there.


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