Friday, February 16, 2007

Three things I know to be true

1. Khmer food is plausibly the tastiest food on the planet.

2. English subtitles to western films in Asian countries are the best. Did that bird really call Happy Feet "a motherfucker"? Did they really write "black bastard" when the guy said "block buster"? Yes they did. Brilliant.

3. You haven't been in a traffic jam until you've been in a Cambodian traffic jam.


Quick note. This is the last day in Cambodia and I love it here. It has been a profoundly moving experience being here and I'll think I'll come back. Anyhow, back to 'Nam tomorrow, I can hear those choppers a calling. I can't believe I made it to the end of my trip to Cambodia without mentioning the Dead Kennedies... oh shit.

PS two crazy kids I know have just got engaged but not sure if that's information for the entire world. Anyhow, my heartiest congratulations J&B, you know who you are, very happy for you both x

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