Friday, February 02, 2007

You're solid gold...

Bangkok in two days - a pictorial

As stated earlier, we were very jetlagged but immediately ended up in the care of Leo, the tuk tuk driver. This is the back of his head but you can see him in the left hand mirror.

We ended up on a river cruise that was a "bit" like the last voyage of the Titanic or that film "The Perfect Storm"... you know they all die at the end of it including George Clooney. This is a picture of Ruth and I looking jetlagged, hot and tired, loving every minute of it. Actually, if you look closely I'm contemplating throwing up into Ruth's lap but graciously decided not to.

The upside of being on the river is that got to see the life along its banks and there were lots of houses and amazing structures along the river like this one.

After being hurled about in the boat, we figured the best thing to do was head to safety of the familiar, a shopping centre. The one we went too was filled with oddly disturbing but brilliant images like this one. Why a cute bear with three ears and legs has blood dripping from its mouth I don't know but I like it. (By the way, its against the rules - someone's rules - to take photos in shopping centres in Bangkok so I had to take this photo sneakily. Maybe you steal the spirit of the consumer goods if you take photos of them...)

After another day of being driven to places we didn't want to go to we ended up drinking. Alcohol makes Ruth look like this.

Alcohol makes me look like this.

We ended up on Khao San Road, the mecca for seedy backpackers like this one.

Next morning we made a run for it. Bangkok, I hardly knew you...

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caketin said...

bankok's been described as 'one long fart' anyway. best get to the provinces asap. xxoxox