Monday, April 16, 2007

The Greatest Blog of All (part 3)

Tiger Leaping Gorge Day 3 (although its out of order haha)

Day 3 started off sunny but cold so I loaded up the beanie and hoodie look for the walk.

We soon hit a waterfall that actually cut off the track and you had to perilously walk across slippery rocks over a 2000m cliff. As someone who hates heights and is notoriously clumsy on rocks I crossed it with the mantra "Don't look down, don't slip, don't look down, don't slip..." It was kind of pathetic.

While we were trying our best to keep a heathly pace, we discovered just how slow we were going when on a windy part of the track we were passed by a guy and his cow. If you look closely you can see he's carrying the cow's wooden harness on his back. I was carrying a bag containing a coat.

Sadly, the way the track goes you end it before you know it. The descent you make suddenly stops on a road and its all over which is somewhat of an anti-climax.

The only way to get over the end is to go down to the river itself which is actually a one hour hike in itself and then about two to get back up. Hard bloody work but you actually got to feel like part of the gorge. When you get to the bottom you actually see the rock the tiger was supposed to have leapt across the gorge from but its just a rock really. The river was impressive though.

SO here's a picture of us after we've climbed back to the top looking buggered but satisfied that we kicked the tiger's leaping ass back over the gorge and enjoyed the highlight of our trip so far. It ain't pretty but life seldom is. Hooray!

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