Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Don't Know About You But I Am Un Chien Andalusia*


Paris kind of bludgeons you with its beauty. Its quite breath taking.

I like to think art has a life of its own. Much like Donatello's Mary who has to spend eternity looking at an incredibly weird sculpture of the crucifixion, good old Julius Caesar here lucks out...

...he gets to watch the ferris wheel all day long.

The entrance to the Louvre: shaped like a pyramid in honour of all the Egyptian treasures that the French seem to have which aren't in, like, Egypt.

So sweet, kids playing by the fountain.

So sweet, soldiers with machine guns playing by the fountain.

The Cath├ędrale De Notre Dame De Paris

The Hunchback of Notre Dame? More like the Nickelback of Notre Dame...

* By the way, the Pixies were wrong it should have been Un chien andalou. Oh well, that was the only French phrase I could think of...


Nicole said...

ok but andalusia fits the 'poetic' line better.

kinda like JFK saying 'ich bin eine berliner'. although he really said 'i am a jam donut' we'd all like to think we can rise above the hilarity of the literal translation and appreciate its spirit.

glad for your blog except we miss ruth's photos.


Anonymous said...

are you mad- why come home? stay in europe where even doctors make you sick- its like the future- the real as opposed to the carnival of hay -

so wrong

good to see london not calling \ maybe london burning?
don't return stay stay- please
prof valium